X Prize To Target Auto Industry

By on March 13, 2006

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The X Prize foundation announced last week that it created a new prize program targeting the automotive industry. Mark Goodstein, one of the founders of GoTo.com, has been hired to coordinate the new X Prize.

“The X PRIZE is about changing paradigms,” explains Goodstein. “The current paradigm is that it’s perfectly acceptable to drive a car that only gets 20 or 30 miles per gallon. This prize is about leveraging cash and opportunity to effect positive change in the environment, economy and geopolitics.”

I so totally knew this was going to happen. In fact, I even alluded to it in two separate posts in October, 2004. (here and here), and then Deane picked up on one of them a year later. Maybe some others will up the challenge with greater rewards for loftier goals.

Unleaded ethanol 10% blend is going for $2.31 a gallon at Casey’s General Store this morning. Not bad compared to other countries, I know, but still…

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