EMPs for Handy Data Destruction

By Deane Barker on March 11, 2006

Devices and complexes of destruction of the information on magnetic carriers: Are the police busting down your door right now? Are you afraid they’ll find all the pirated movies on your computer? Quick, hit the “Emergency EMP” button…

Devices for the emergency data destruction from magnetic media are designed for instant and non-recoverable destruction of confidential information in case of danger of its outflow or disclosure, plunder or withdrawal of the computer system block (the media with the data).

The site is in very stilted English, but the gist is that they’ll sell you devices that will generate a localized electromagnetic pulse to destroy data (and a lot of other stuff) in a big hurry. You can even activate it from a keychain trigger — handy.

Via Metafilter.



  1. Sounds good to me!

    Kinda reminds me of Cryptonomicon, except that they said that it wouldn’t do anything to the hard drive (yet in the same chapter they said that a magnetic field around the door would screw up the hard drive… I like Stephenson, but he needs to make up his mind).

    Oh, quick question, to settle a dispute between me and a friend: Would an EMP do anything to a normal CD? (I’m not going to post our arguments because I want the answer based on somebody who actually knows the answer, not on which argument sounds more plausible.)

  2. Would an EMP do anything to a normal CD?

    I don’t think so. CDs are optical storage, right? The “M” in “EMP” stands for “magnetic,” which is why it does the damage it does.

  3. Oh, yeah, I totally knew this. Man, of course…I totally knew it. That was, like, the joke, you know? How it was a hoax and everything, but it looked real and stuff.

    Totally knew it.

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