The Acabion GTBO

By on March 10, 2006

Here’s a slick ride; the Acabion GTBO. It looks like it’d be more at home on the deck of an aircraft carrier or falling from the bomb bay of B-1, but it’s actually designed to transport two people at extreme speeds — top speed is limited to 279mph, but ungoverned it’ll top 370mph — and get better gas mileage than the thriftiest econobox.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that if you’re going to be moving at speeds like that you’d also want to be able to stop in a hurry. And the two tiny contact patches provided by the motorcycle tires on the Acabion probably wouldn’t give the traction needed to slow it down very quickly. As cool as this thing looks, that and the comments you’d get from bikers at a stoplight — “When you gonna lose the training wheels, Juniior?!” — would probably keep me from ever getting one.



  1. don’t the training wheels retract at speed?

    I would think so, and it looks like they do on this one, but on other photos I’ve seen of the Acabion it looks like they are fixed. If they did retract that’d be a bit of a bother when driving around town, and what a bummer if they failed to extend!

    One other tidbit about these things; they can accellerate from 180mph to their governed top speed in about 10 seconds. Wow!

  2. I saw videos of what I think was an older model and the struts are automatic witha manual override. They retract or extend at @ 15mph. They could be overridden to either stay down or stay up if the driver wanted them to.

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