Office 2007 Screencaps

By Deane Barker on March 9, 2006

An Office User Interface Blog : Picture This: A New Look For Office: Lots of good-looking screencaps from Office 2007, revealed at a German conference this morning. Gorgeous interface design.

The big winner in my mind is Access — that screencap is light years ahead of where the interface is right now. Unrelated, but I thought it was going to be called Office 12.

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  1. Colorful buttons everywhere! It’d drive me batty.

    Talk about things coming full circle; it wasn’t that long ago that Apple’s OS and apps were accused of looking like toys.

  2. I’m with Dave on this one and it has nothing to do with MS hate or Apple lust. It’s just too damn busy. Do subscript, superscript and bulleted lists really need to be one click away? I understand that monitor real estate is getting bigger, but if 20% of the screen is menus and toolbars something’s not right. If the toolbars auto-appear and auto-hide when you mouse over the menu then that would be cool. Otherwise I’m of the Jason Fried line of thinking that simpler design is generally better.

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