Wal-mart Turns to Bloggers

By Deane Barker on March 7, 2006

Wal-Mart turns to bloggers to gild its image: Wal-mart is sending “excusive” information emails to hand-picked bloggers to try and inject their side of stories into the blogosphere.

[…] Wal- Mart is increasingly looking beyond the mainstream media and working directly with bloggers, feeding them exclusive nuggets of news, suggesting topics for postings and even inviting them to visit its corporate headquarters.

[…] In the messages, Wal-Mart promotes positive news about itself, like the large number of job applications it received at a new store in Illinois, and criticizes opponents, noting for example that a rival, Target, raised “zero” money for the Salvation Army in 2005 because it banned red-kettle collectors from stores.

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  1. Consumerist has a post about this again today, with a note from the PR guy behind the push. http://www.consumerist.com/consumer/blogs/pr-agency-steps-up-about-walmart-blogging-159023.php

    The PR guy says to let him know “what additional questions I can help you with.” So Consumerist is looking for questions or comments for the guy.

    We’ve got some questions in mind but what, Consumerist readers, would you like to know about this PR agency approaching and engaging bloggers in the way we’ve seen?

    If you’ve got a Gawker login, this’d be a good opportunity to sound off.

  2. Was the spelling “excusive” intentional or just a happy accident. Because it sure sounds like excuses to me.

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