I’m Not a Cop, I Swear

By Deane Barker on March 2, 2006

EULA for a web service excluding law enforcement officials?: Here’s an interesting post on one of Spolsky’s forums:

I built a google maps website that maps out all the skateboard parks in North America. […] My fear is that if I offer this service, cops will use the website to monitor skatespots and hassle skateboarders.

Is it legal to add a checkbox on the login form that says “I promise that I’m not a Cop or grumpy old person who is going to use this site to hassle and arrest skateboarders?”

I like this first comment:

Perhaps the root of the problem is offering a service you believe will be illegal.

And this comment is true too, no matter how many prostitutes believe otherwise:

This sounds like the web version of the urban legend that a cop has to answer truthfully when asked if he’s a cop. They don’t.