Watch This…

By on February 28, 2006

Recently I was looking around for a sport watch to replace my $10 Wal-mart disposible model that had died and on which I spent $3 on a replacement battery that was unable to resurrect it. That’s a post for another day.

Anyway, I ran across the Ironman Triathlon Data Link USB pictured here. All of the customer reviews at Amazon were raving about it and one of them provided link to a Timex site that…

provides resources to developers who wish to create applications to work with Timex products and software.

I don’t need all the features this watch offers, so I don’t think I’ll will be getting it. Still very cool.



  1. Yeah, I owned a couple of these watches back in the day.. back before USB was all over the place. It had an optical sensor on the top, and after you put whatever info you wanted into your PC, you ran the program and it turned the data into a barcode of sorts that the watch read off the screen, rather quickly I might add. It didn’t work with LCDs, though and was unsupported on newer Windows versions, so that incarnation pretty much died off quickly. I actually still have my last one (before I got a cell phone and a car and quit using a watch for anything more than fashion) in a drawer somewhere. It was the coolest watch I ever owned.

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