Origami Project

By Deane Barker on February 26, 2006

Unfolding Microsoft’s secret site: It’s not like Microsoft to be all secretive like Apple.

A cryptic Web site that was set up by Microsoft but does not bear its name appears to hint that the company will reveal information about a new consumer product on Thursday. The site caused a flurry of speculation on Internet gadget gossip sites over the weekend.

The site, www.origamiproject.com, suggests that the introduction of a personalized mobile device that “will change your life” is in the offing, but gives no details. It promises an update on Thursday.



  1. Found a link tonight which appears to be a promotional video featuring the device: http://www.pdamexico.net/content/view/2032/2/

    Bigger than a PDA, smaller than a Tablet PC. They appear to be hiding any desktop Windows aspects quite well. Doesn’t appear entirely compelling, but on the other hand if it had Apple’s name on it my expectations might be skewed and I might be all over it.

    Sure wish Nokia would work harder on their 770 Internet tablet, because it can do most of what this video seems to promise.

  2. A new piece of hardware from Microsoft? Wonder who’s writing the OS & apps to run on it…

    Does anyone think this will garner the same criticism that Apple gets for building the software and hardware and software, or is it just smart business?

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