The Original Balthaser Studios Site

By Deane Barker on February 24, 2006

* Balthaser Studios classic 1998 *: I found a link to the archived version of their site on one of their pages. It’s not as cool as I remember, but for 1998, this was insane. This is what made me want to do high-end Web work.

Sadly, they appear to have turned into complete tools. It’s not fair of me to write that. I don’t know all the facts yet. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand.

What This Links To


  1. I remember to be one of the fanciest flash-sites ever … but unfortunately there seems to be no archived version any more. Those two websites (Balthaser and Gabocorp) drove me almost crazy because I wanted something like this for my sites … damn, I never did it.

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