What’s the Biggest Movable Type Install?

By Deane Barker on February 19, 2006

I’m curious to know who has the biggest Movable Type installation these days. So this is a call for numbers — if you have or know of a big, big, big Movable Type install, let us know how big in terms of posts and comments.

As of this writing, Gadgetopia has 4,982 posts and 9,799 comments (both numbers knocking on the door of milestones for us).

Send us your numbers. If you know of someone else with a big install, send them a link to this post.



  1. jayallen.org: 5,660 entries, 6745 non-junk comments, 1928 non-junk TrackBack pings

    That’s not even anywhere in the BALLPARK of the big boys. Heck, even my employer is dwarfed by the large “blog empires” with their 12 entries per author per day and massive comment/TrackBack rates… Still, I’ll ask on Monday if we can give you our numbers.

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