By Deane Barker on February 18, 2006

JotForm: This is a somewhat insane JavaScript form builder. You drag and drop elements in your browser to build a Web form — somewhat like the various IDEs. Each element has properties, etc.

It’s in beta right now, so details are thin, but apparently you can have them host the form, or you can get the HTML to host it yourself.

From the announcement post:

This was a part of a larger product I am working on. However it was too exciting to keep it that way. So I have decided to release it as a standalone web application.

No decision on a business model yet. At this point I am more interested in seeing the interest, getting beta users to try out things and sorting out the bugs. There are lots of remotely hosted form processors for webmasters so I am not really eager to be another one. It could become a simple web application builder for webmasters. I would only target webmasters and web designers since it would be too limiting for real programmers. OK, I already gave out too much competitive ideas to bunch of business-smart programmers. :)

What I liked about it was that you could drag and drop form elements, but only inline with each other. So you can give a non-developer the illusion of creating their own form, but you still get to keep it very uniform.

Reminds of a very simplified version of the Tibco General Interface thing we posted on last year.

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  1. There is a new online form builder / workflow application called The Blue Form. It features a drag-and-drop form builder as well as the ability to assign approval workflows to the forms you create. It is more of a process automation solution, rather than just an online form builder.

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