IBM DB2 Express-C

By Deane Barker on February 17, 2006

IBM sets DB2 database free: This slipped under the radar about a week ago: there’s now a free version of DB2.

DB2 Express-C is the same database as IBM’s commercial offerings but the company places limits on what kind of hardware it can run on.

It can be deployed on systems with two processor cores or up to two dual-core chips on Advanced Micro Devices- or Intel-based servers. The memory limit is 4GB but there are no limits on the size of database or number of users.

So now all three big database companies have a free offering:

  1. Oracle 10G Express Edition
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Express
  3. IBM DB2 Express-C

Microsoft’s offering seems like the crappiest one here since it’s the only one directly limited. When that product gets over a certain number of concurrent connections, it delays itself a few milliseconds.

The others are fully functional and without restrictions except for the hardware they run on. And they’re both run on pretty decent hardware — certainly equivalent to anything I’m running MySQL on now. (Question: is 1GB enough for a database server these days?)

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  1. 1 GB? Depends how many users you have and what queries they make and of course how big is your database. If you do not run high end database with 1k-10k (I mean at same time) users doing complex data manipulations or you do not run some big ass business desition database then I think 1 GB is still fair enough.

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