Your First Web Page?

By Deane Barker on February 16, 2006

Does anyone remember the very first Web page they ever visited? I do.

I was in the computer lab at Sioux Falls College with my buddy Paul back in 1994. We searched InfoSeek for Arena Football and found the official site — Times New Roman on a grey background in Mosaic.

Then we searched for “sex” because that’s what all the news outlets had concentrated on — how the Web was just full of sex stuff. We found a lingerie store, though I wonder how they were doing ecommerce back then.

Good times.



  1. My first website was the site of Sun Microsystems, since I had to work on a Sun 3/50 workstation anyways. However I preferred the comannd shell and the Gopher service. To watch webistes I had to fire up the “SunView” graphical user interface (based on X/11 as far as I recall) which took a few minutes to load. Therefore Gopher and later Lynx were my tools of choice :-)

  2. Mine was Yahoo. It was 1994 and I was at the California Academy of Sciences museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park. They had an area off the lobby set up with computers and big signs pointing the way to The Internet. I don’t remember much, other than there was a note at the bottom of the page asking visitors to “tell Jerry and David” about any sites they might not know about.

    I think the second page I visited was a visual chat program called Worlds Away, which ended up being much less impressive than its marketing hype promised. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the story of the Web.

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