Escape and Studio D: Best Buy Meets Starbucks

By Deane Barker on February 16, 2006

Best Buy circles the track: This is about a year old, but I just saw it float across CNN tonight (the TV version).

Best Buy has a semi-secret line of stores called “Escape” that try to….well, escape the Big Box store mold.

In Chicago’s hip and trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood, the store called Escape is a hangout for technology-loving, young professional males with spare cash and a hankering for cutting-edge electronics. Groups can rent VIP rooms for parties or stop in to play video games on the newest high-definition, plasma TVs.

A $10-a-year Escape membership gives guys an early “in” to purchase unreleased games and gear, as well as coupons, discounts and access to members-only events.

Across town is a branch targeting females called “Studio D.”

With the main goal of making women comfortable with technology, Studio D stresses “hands-on-learning,” “great service” and “solutions.” Classes such as “Discovering your iPod” and “Create a Family Calendar” are held at the store each day. There’s even a Studio D-branded Honda Element that cruises the streets of Naperville, bringing digital life to schools, community centers and women’s groups.



  1. I live in Kansas City and work at Hallmark Cards, Inc where I heard about your company. I am intrigued. Two thoughts came to mind for me. First, I would like to take a class or two, second, it would be cool to have this company here in KC and maybe I could start it up? : ) What do you think?

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