Waterfall 2006

By Deane Barker on February 13, 2006

Waterfall 2006 – International Conference on Sequential Development: I’m totally going to this. Totally.

You’ve always known a good waterfall-based process is the right way to develop software projects. Come to the Waterfall 2006 conference and see how a sequential development process can benefit your next project. Learn how slow, deliberate handoffs (with signatures!) between groups can slow the rate of change on any project so that development teams have more time to spend on anticipating user needs through big, upfront design.

I like these workshops:

  • Making Outsourcing Work: One Team Member per Continent
  • Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer
  • User Stories and Other Lies Users Tell Us
  • User Interaction: It Was Hard to Build, It Should Be Hard to Use


  1. I thought this was hilarious — particularly the Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer. UNTIL, that is, I remembered that we’d switched from ‘hierarchy’ management to ‘matrix’ management, so now I have — alas — two managers. Sigh…

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