Interface Design Job With Apple

By on February 13, 2006

Here’s a job posting for anyone who has gripes about the Mac OS user interface, the skills to do something about it, and the onions to actually land the job.

Apple’s Mac OS X User Interface Group is seeking a senior visual interface designer to conceive, design and develop future enhancements to Aqua, the dynamic user interface for Mac OS X. We’re looking for a visually articulate designer capable of communicating their ideas through compelling, high-fidelity illustrations and prototypes. The ideal candidate will have some experience with dynamic interfaces or animation, possess a passion for great design and show an exceptional eye for detail.

Responsibilities include; conceiving, developing and prototyping new interactions for various components of Mac OS X, working with engineering and marketing to finalize designs, documenting solutions, and monitoring their implementation. Experience in shipping commercial software and understanding the constraints of the software development environment is required. Must be a solid team player with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Please take a number and form a line.



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