Mozilla 1.1 and the LINK Tag

By Deane Barker on August 28, 2002

I could kiss the developers of the Mozilla browser. They just released version 1.1, and with it, another browser finally supports the LINK tag.

The LINK tag, you see, was an abandoned HTML tag. It was intended to allow a page developer to describe a page’s position in the “big picture” of the entire site. Using this tag, you can specify the home page for the site, the parent page of the current page, a next and previous page if the page is in a sequence, an index page for the, etc. The idea was that a browser would detect these tags and have navigation buttons to allow users to navigate the site.

However, to date only one browser ever implemented this — a little known browser called iCab for Apple OS. Thankfully, the Mozilla 1.1 release has a Site Navigation Bar, that will detect LINK tags and provide buttons for them. To find this, go to View > Show/Hide > Site Navigation Bar and check “Show Only As Needed”. If a page has applicable LINK tags, this bar will appear to support them.

Do this, then give the bar a trial run at or