The Current Style of Page Design

By Deane Barker on February 10, 2006

Current style in web design: Here’s a good roundup of the current style of well-designed Web pages, and what makes them that way.

For the last few years, I’ve seen a certain breed of page design that I loved but could never put my finger on why. This style actually started (for me, at least) with the Mozilla page, which must have been three years ago.

That page is among this group, along with others that fit into the same mold: Squarespace and LinkedIn are two that I’ve also liked. (One that he didn’t pick: silverorange — go look, and you’ll see the same style.)

The author makes some judgements on what all these pages have in common. Whether or not these points are the secret mojo, I’ll leave for you to decide, but the two points I aboslutely agree with are:

  1. Lots of whitespace
  2. Nice, big text

We went through a stupid trend in Web development where the goal was apparently to shove as much stuff on a page as possible, with fonts as small as possible. I’m glad that trend is ending.

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  1. I completely agree with you on the first point, but I don’t necessarily agree with the second. It’s an issue of good design practice that works for print as well as the web. I’ve seen both print and web with big text all over the place and it looks just as crammed as all litttle text.

    What I think makes the sites you point to work is balance of space. The eye moves along nicely to what is important. Same principle applies to any design piece, both print and web.

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