Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?

By on February 9, 2006

Ok guys; Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Get your rear out there & get something special for that special someone.

Since I don’t like digging through the picked-over greeting cards on February 14, and I hate paying through the nose for roses on the day, I thought I’d poke around online to see what’s available. And while I’m at it, I’ll share some ideas with you all. But since I’m not exactly the most romantic guy around, I’m expecting some reciprocation here if anyone has some better ideas! has some great offerings for Valentine’s Day, but they’re a bit spendy. If you order soon, you can get guaranteed delivery on the big day.

There are dozens of outfits online that will ship flowers to your sweetheart anywhere, but comes highly recommended. Being the practical guy that I am, I hate throwing $50 into something that’ll be in the trash in two weeks.

Promise Keepers sells a cool little bumper sticker that says “I (heart) My Wife”. While your wife may not see it as an appropriate gift from you, buying one and sticking it on your car can produce some very Valentine-ish results, if you know what I mean! I put one on my car after buying it at a conference last year, and my wife couldn’t have been more pleased.

Very few things say “I Love You” better than chocolate (we call it vitamin CH at my house!); to honor the holiday, Hershey has lots of stuff to satisfy your sweet’s sweet tooth. Or if you’re into finer chocolates, there are lots of places to buy online. Of course, I’m rather partial to this one in particular, although I’m probably a little late to order something to arrive on time for next Tuesday.

I’m done for now. If things go as usual, I’ll probably be digging through the Hallmark rack next Tuesday scrambling to get something. But not if I can get some ideas here!



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