Where’s George?

By on February 9, 2006

Whilst pulling some cash out of my wallet today I noticed some red and blue stamps on the face of one of the dollar bills:

See where I’ve been. Track where I go next.

So being the curious guy that I am, I went there. What a cool idea; a site that helps you track where your paper currency has been and where it goes when you’re done with it. It’s kinda the modern version of the old “tie a note to a helium balloon trick to see how far it goes” trick.

The project has been around since 1998, but this is the first I’d heard of it. They no longer sell the rubber stamps to mark your bills with, but that’d be an easy enough thing to get, if a guy wanted to have some fun with it.

I registered and entered a few of my bills. Only one had been registered before (the marked one of course) and had only come from Wahpeton, ND. Anybody else registered? Any fun stories about where your cash has been?



  1. I’ve had a couple of bills pass through my way. They’ve been bills where I was the second entry and they originated in Wisconsin (where I live).

  2. I had one bill come through my hands, also as the second person. This was 2 1/2 years ago. This article reminded me to take a look at where it has been since then and I was disapointed to see that only one person after me logged it.

  3. I’ve seen these stamps on my bills since forever.

    I got the same response when I brought this up at work this morning; seems I’m the last one to know about this.

    Why doesn’t anybody tell me these things?!

  4. I work in retail so i am always seeing these stamps. I am a registered user and I have had 2 second entries that have travelled over 1,000 miles to get to me.

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