Taipei 101 Elevator Video

By Deane Barker on February 6, 2006

About 18 months ago, we talked about the elevators at Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building. They go 37 m.p.h. vertically, which is somewhat insane.

Little did I know, Gadgetopia has a Taiwanese correspondent. Peter Shen went to the building, and took a video in the elevator as it went from the bottom to the top, then back down. He even added handy subtitles explaining what was going on. I gather that he’s the only English voice you hear on the audio.

Now, I don’t know too many people that want to see a two minute video of someone riding in an elevator, but if you do, then you are totally in the right place, because I found it interesting as all get-out. I was just as enthralled as when I watched the program on the Discovery Channel in the first place.

Wait to the end to see the love we get in the credits. Gadgetopia readers rule.

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  1. I missed the Discovery piece. I am kinda fascinated by the building though. I watched the video and enjoyed it very much. Am probably going to have to see if Tivo can find the Discovery show on it. I’m wondering what the purpose behind the dimming of the lights and the fiber on the ceiling is…if it’s an “ooh, cool” thing, or something to spychologically take away from the expected anxiety of moving that fast vertically.

    Thanks to Peter for shooting it and thanks to Gadgetopia for pointing it out.

  2. I’m betting the dark starry atmosphere of the car has a “space launch” theme to it, which makes sense because we’re heading up there vertically at unprecented speeds. Even the soundtrack when going down has some mystic feel to it – note the sonar blips? — like Discovery would use on UFO documentaries. :-)

    I went up the tower with Gadgetopia and the original Elevator post in mind. I thought interest in the vertical machine have waned by then, but I realized the problem lies not with the content, but the difficulty distributing a large video file to large audiences around the world. Thanks to Google Videos for making it all possible, and thanks to Gadgetopia Readers for your support!!

  3. That was OK, I have footage from on top of a lift traveling at 9 meters per second . From lift 6 at the Eureka Tower In Melbourne Australia.

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