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By Deane Barker on February 4, 2006

Things I Hate: Visual Studio 2003 Design View: Brian gives us a nice, solid rant on the utter incompetence of Visual Studio’s Design View when working on Web forms.

I’m at the point where I absolutely DO NOT use design view. Ever. Which sucks, of course, since deciphering the available properties on controls is often nearly impossible, especially when dealing with third-party controls that have lots of design-time properties. My approach now is to always have a throw away tester page — drop your control onto it, fiddle with properties until you have what you want, copy the source and paste it into the real page, then clean up the code as necessary.

I don’t care for VS much at all really. If not for the project building and references, I’d just code in EditPlus, and I often do if I’m working on a Web form without code-behind.

Brian is a .Net ninja, so it’s good to hear that he thinks this part of VS sucks as much as I think it does.

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  1. VS2003 Design View is the worst! I, too, have stopped working with altogether.

    It used to drive me mad every time I was forced to switch back from Design View and see the damage it wreaked over my painstakingly indented HTML.

    Shame on Microsoft for releasing VS2003 in such a shabby state. Not to mention that it’s been 3 years and there is not attempt to patch the thing up.

  2. Not to mention that it’s been 3 years and there is not attempt to patch the thing up.

    Actually. they have an extensive patch for it. It’s called Visual Studio 2005.

  3. I am having the same issue. I read somewhere it was due to using regular expressions. I added a method that uses a lot of regex and some regex validation controls and then it started happening, but no fix yet, still searching

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