D’Marco and I

By Deane Barker on February 1, 2006

Here it is — the picture from the 84-85 yearbook from Pinole Valley Jr. High. In the picture at the top, that’s me in the middle (looking down).

To my right, is D’Marco Farr, Pro Bowl defensive tackle for the St. Louis Rams and sometime commentator for The Best Damn Sports Show Period. You can see the resemblance a bit with the picture of him on this page.

Yes, even D&D players grow up to be professional athletes. Though, not many, I’m sure. (If you’re wondering why we’re posting this, read this page.)

In the bottom picture — on the right with the goofy smile — is Joe from gamehelper.com. I don’t know what happened to the rest of these guys. Mr. McCormick must be retired by now.

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  1. Clive – and you had more hair back then (thanking God you don’t have any IRBM’s at Gadgetopia World HQ)…

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