“We weren’t quarterbacks of the hockey team…”

By Deane Barker on January 31, 2006

Fear of Girls: Oh, man, this hits close to home. It’s a short film (11 minutes) about “elite tabletop role-players.” I think one of these characters is based on me 20 years ago.

True Love is but a +2 Broadsword away.

These guys need to meet up with the “Lightning bolt! Lighting bolt!” guy.
If RPGs are your thing, check out this post as well.

(At the risk of destroying any reputation I might have, here’s a side note about my role-playing past: I have some serious celebrity blackmail ammo.

Has anyone heard of D’Marco Farr? He was a defensive lineman for the St Louis Rams — a Pro Bowl selection in ‘99, to boot. He retired early, and was on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” for a number of years.

Well, back in ‘84 or ‘85, D’Marco was a student with me at Pinole Valley Jr. High in Pinole, California. He was a decent guy, except for the time to hit me so hard in the groin that he lifted me up off the ground.

Anyway, he and I were both in the “Dungeons and Dragons Club” together. Better yet, we were founding members. Oh no, I’m not making this up — why in God’s name would I?

I have a picture, no less. Don’t tempt me or I’ll scan it. It’s a yearbook picture of me and D’Marco, sitting next to each other, dice and graph paper spread out on the table in front of us. The geek cred just radiates off the page. It’s almost too much to look at it.

I called the “Best Damn Sport Show Period” years ago and left a message asking them if they wanted the picture. Tom Arnold would have had a friggin’ field day with it. They never got back to me.)

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  1. I can back that one up – I’ve got the same yearbook! And I’m tempted to post Deane’s picture up here for everyone to see – though, Tom Arnold probably won’t care. Hehe – hey man – us D&D geeks of yesteryear are now the ones creating everyone’s entertainment today;) Funny how the role’s have changed huh? – creedence to the term ‘geek chic’? Perhaps.


  2. And I’m tempted to post Deane’s picture up here for everyone to see

    I’ll actually look around for the yearbook this morning. I’m suddenly interested in the idea of enraging a former NFL defensive tackle.

  3. Think it through before you post that photo…you both have grown, but I think you could experience more air time should D’Marco repeat the groin shot.

    Plus, I have to agree that Rolemaster was 10x the game D&D was. (I never saw myself saying that in my 30’s)

  4. As a Rams fan in St. Louis (though I’m a closeted fan this year.), I can’t believe that D’Marco Farr was into D&D! Aweome! Truly a great tidbit of information when talking Rams around town!

    Lets see that picture! I’ll give you a cut of the t-shirt profits :)

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