Google Maps IP Lookup

By Deane Barker on January 30, 2006

AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup: Type in an IP and get a Google Map of where it’s located. I tried it with one IP I knew off the top of my head, and it seemed accurate. Someone else try it too, and report on the results.

Via Scott Small.



  1. Interesting. Plugged in the static IP to our home server and it was not exact, but it was within about a mile or two. When I backspace and re-type the last number in my IP, the location star jumps around seemingly randomly, but it always stays within the general area that has our house roughly in the center. Pretty impressive.

  2. Apparently I’m 40 or so miles west of here in a corn field. Dang! That’s going to add to the morning commute.

  3. The IP for the office was within the same few miles away, say a five minute drive. The IP for my house (thankfully?) was in South county and I am in North county, about 20-30 minutes drive.

    Am I the only one that doesn’t see mile markers on this map? I had to guess based on the identifiable landmarks I could see. Also, what does your IP location have to do with SEO? :P Thanks for this cool find!

  4. To all previous posters, this will no geolocate your computer, this will geolocate your internet provider!!!

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