I Hate Buy.com

By Deane Barker on July 17, 2003

I’m a pretty forgiving person when it comes to customer service, and it takes a lot to piss me off, but Buy.com managed to do it today.

My friend wanted to go wireless in his home, so I ordered a bunch of gear for him. I ordered the wireless cards from NewEgg.com (perfect service on two orders now, BTW), but they were out of the wireless access point. So I sauntered over to Buy.com, where I’ve shopped once before. and ordered the WAP.

What followed was a long process of trying to get the credit card to verify. The address for the card was my friend’s home address, it was shipping to the office, etc. I kept getting emails from Buy.com saying that I needed to change some information and try again, etc. After three iterations of this with no success, I decided to call them. I found their 1-800 number on their site and dialed.

Now, I wasn’t really upset at this point — these things happen, and I knew the address situation with the credit card was a little screwy to start with.

I got a voice mail system. Yes, this was about an existing order. No, I didn’t want to talk to their automated system. Then I got this: “To speak to a representative, there will be a $9.95 charge. Please go to our Web site for email support or enter your 16-digit credit card number now.”

I cancelled the order. Quite coincidentally, at the exact same time this happened, the FedEx guy shows up with my order from NewEgg. From now on, if NewEgg doesn’t have it, I’ll just wait.



  1. I’ve never, ever had any problems with buy.com and I place orders there about every 3-4 weeks. I bill to one address and ship to another. Just the luck of the draw, I guess.

  2. I didn’t have a problem with my last order either. However, I’m fundamentally opposed to the concept of paying $9.95 to talk to a human to work something out.

    I was able to cancel and walk away this time, but what if they already had my money and there was a problem? I’d have to pay the $9.95 to talk to a person.

  3. Yeah buy.com customer service is horrible. They make themselves hard to get ahold of and watch out for rebates. It’s hard to discuss your rebates through email.

  4. I am currently having problems Buy.com. First they backordered the router I’d ordered even though it showed up as available, and when I cancelled my order 8 days after I placed it, they sent it to me, disregarding my order cancellation 2 days prior.

    All my questions get automated answers. I’ve probably spent hours writing to them, but the result is that they don’t refund my $80 bucks even though I’ve returned the stupid thing.

    It’s like a bad joke each time I get a “response” from them. And each time I write back to them I have to go back and edit-out all the swearing I’ve done and then send it. It requires nerves of steel to deal with these people, which I definitely lack.

    People had told me not to buy from places that don’t post phone numbers, but I figured Buy.com is a pretty big company, so why not, right? Well, wrong… Buy.com sucks big time.

  5. I hate buy.com. I ordered a Nomad MP3 player for my son. I found out about an hour later I ordered the wrong model. I sent 7 emails to their customer service department…and got NO repsonses from the idiots. I tried to cancel the order, never got an email acknowledging that either. I finally found a long distance number to call them. Again, a bunch of idiots. I think there call center is in Idia…which pisses me off even more since there are so many Americans out of work. I talked to an Indian named Mark…yeah right..funny everyone you talk to there sounds like Apu on the Simpsons. Anyway…he gave me a bunch of doubletalk crap and then made the generous offer of a 10.00 gift certificate for all the crap I had gone through. What a crock! I sent the item back & ordered the correct one…now I am waiting for my credit card to be credited. I called back to talk to Mark…this time I got a female Apu who told me they do not have voice mail when Mark told me to leave him a message if he was not there. I finally lost it! I will NEVER order from these idiots again. #1 because of the lousy customer service & #2 because they DO NOT USE Americans in their call center!

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had problems with this company. I purchased a digital camera from them, and had some problems with a warrenty issue. I didn’t try them for a long time, and thought they might have acutally gotten better, but that was not the case. I ordered a jump drive on Nov. 1st that had a rebate of $20.00, but the rebate had to be postmarked within 30 days of original purchase in order for the rebate to be honored. well, on the 29th of Nov, it still had not shipped so I cancelled my order and ordered the same product from tiger direct. that was 2 days ago, and I got my jump drive in the mail today. tiger direct rules, and buy.com, well, sucks really bad. I won’t make the same mistake a 3rd time.

  7. Dealing with buy.com’s customer service is totally ridiculous. I ordered 5 DVD sets recently when they had a (FOX Season 1 special for black friday/saturday). I ordered the first season of Buffy, 24, The Shield, Dark Angel and Millennium. They were on sale at 14.99 each. They were all in stock when I placed the order. Buy.com’s own shipping policy states there is a per shipment fee and then a per item fee. So I figured that at most these DVDs were going to ship in 3 shipments (even though 1 is feasible). Well when the calculated the shipping, they did it as if it was 5 seperate transactions instead of one shipment. That is a bit annoying (shipping was like 13.50 in total), but still made each set a great buy. So, within a day, 2 sets are shipped and the others are still “in the processing stage”. Now, mind you the “processing stage” is the credit check etc. These were all paid at the same time and with the same card, so they all should have been processed already. About 1 day later the remaining items were sent to the warehouse, the sale is now over. Suddenly, they are on order. But here is the catch, if you go to order them, they are all in stock at the new non-sale price. I emailed them and they give a generic email saying that tthe item # is not stock. So, I email them saying that all 3 items are in stock, and are available. They informed me that even though the DVD sets are available they are under new item numbers; they changed the item numbers when the special ended. They have said that they don’t have to honor or send me the items at the price when I placed them. Is this fair or even legal? By the way I have not cancelled my order yet and don’t plan on it until I get my DVDs.

  8. I’m confirming that BUY.COM does indeed suck. I think they take pleasure in misleading and frustrating customers. It’s a weird thing. I’ll leave out my lengthy story about my personal dealings with BUY.COM and just say that I too have been ripped off, mistreated and ignored by BUY.COM. I’m amazed BUY.COM is still in existence. They still owe me money.

  9. I have been a long time Buy.com customer, but will never buy from them again. They recently have twice not shipped “in-stock” items and then stated that my cancellation “was only a request”. A request? WTF just cancel the damn thing!

    The problem is that I expected the parts to be shipped in a timely manner, and after waiting a couple of weeks could no longer wait and bought the same parts (a game, 2 game controllers, and a USB hub) from another vendor.

    2 weeks after cancelling the first order I received an email stating “Your order has shipped!” Lovely, now I have two of them and will have to sell on eBay. Even worse, a game that I ordered for my son showed up 5 weeks after I cancelled it. Now I have 2 of those as well.

    Something happened at Buy.com, because they used to be good but now they suck royally.

    Avoid them – go to Newegg or tigerDirect.

  10. My buy.com orders twice (guess, I don’t learn my lessons once) were a disaster. I twice got emails from those idiots after a week of my order that they were out of stock and back-ordered while their website kept saying they had plenty in stock when I ordered.

    They don’t know when it will ship and don’t know when they will get their inventory in the first place. AVOID BUY.COM at all costs if you want peace of mind.

    Their customer service is non existent, while they entice you with cheap prices, the more I think about their operation, it looks like a drop shipment deal run from a teenager’s basement.

  11. Watch out for shippin charges when ordering from buy.com. Most sites itemize the shipping charges prior to asking for a “place order” click. Not buy.com. If you select a method of shipping and it is excessive you’re out of luck after clicking place order. Then try to cancel it. I suggest you stay away from their site.

  12. Buy.com is the most retarded site on the web calling their number is like entering a endless maze. If you do talk to soomeone it will cost more than the product itself. If time is money than i have lost a fortune to this mentally challenged webstie. IT seems that a lot of u feel the same way. Clicking cancel order must be confused by them as ship cause if you want your product try canceling the order. The day after you will have it. I paid extra for the overnight shipping haha what a joke weeks later im ready to rip out my hair. ME AKA pissed consumer


    Their customer service is all located in India. Here I am in Southern California, they are located in Southern California, but I have only been able to speak to and e-mail people in India. Does anyone know how to reach someone who is really in charge, here in California? How to reach the CEO of Buy.com with my complaint about their service?

    This outsourcing of CS has a lot to do with the problem. I have nothing against Indians, great people, many here too. The problem is having CS so far away from the actual company and its customers. The reps in India (funny how they all take on fake American names, do they really think that will fool people who won’t recognize they are in India?) don’t have the authority to take any action, they communicate back and forth via e-mail with headquarters, and issues get lost for weeks, without being resolved.

    When I wish to communicate with a company I want to speak with someone at that company, someone who can actually take an action on behalf of the company, not someone who has been hired to answer telephones at a call center halfway around the world,

    In my case, I placed an order 2 1/2 weeks ago, on Sunday May 29. It was my first order with the Buy.com Visa card, and according to their web site that was supposed to have $30 taken off it. It didn’t happen, the online receipt showed the full order price, no $30 off. I called and e-mailed them that very day about it. Now on June 15, two and a half weeks later, my credit card has still not been re-credited for the $30. I have e-mailed and called several times. My request always gets ” escalated” to another department, and nothing gets done.

    Today I thought I had finally found the phone number for their office in California. I called, asked for the manager, and it appears I reached the call center in India again. This person told me he was the manager of customer service. He said his name was ” Kerry Parker”, although from accent he was clearly an Indian. (Do they really think that their ” accent reduction classes” are so good that we won’t recognize they are all Indians? What’s with the fake names?) Once more, he said he would have to transfer my concern to another department, 3 to 5 working days before they can deal with it, etc.

    Does anyone know how to REALLY REACH SOMEONE IN CHARGE AT THE company’s actual location in Aliso Viejo, CA?

  14. I purchased a 1 gig memomry card pro duo 2 months ago from BUY.com they emailed me saying that they don’t have it in stock. I cancelled the order. But WAIT after 2 months I have the card with me and my CC has been charged. I called the customer service in INDIA they take forever to pull the order. And I have to call thrice to have a refund issued since I refused the DELIVERY. Will I wait 2 months to buy what I need now. How can they assume that I still may want the product and lets just ship it. They Charged me the Price which was 2 months ago. Today the price has been reduced by 20 bucks. See the rewards for shopping with them. They do not post their customer service number on the site. NONE OF MY EMAILS WERE REPLIED. I had to google to find the NUMBER.


  15. I will NEVER order from buy.com again, ever. I bought a cell phone from them and it arrived DOA. They also automatically activated the new account which deactivated my existing cell phone. I tried calling them but their switching service keeps routing me to Inphonics, which is a seperate service. Inphonic said I HAVE to go through buy.com because that is where the order originated.

    I have been trying to contact buy.com for days now. Every time I call I get routed to Inphonic, who insist I have to call buy.com, but the call gets routed to Inphonic, who insist I have to call buy.com, but the call gets routed to Inphonic, who insists ….. anyway, you get the idea.

    I have sent emails to buy.com but always get the same automated response. I am hoping that my story will save some other poor souls. If I can prevent one person from going through this “online hell” I would have done my job.

    ps. I have spent over 2 hours a day for the last week now trying to get this issue resolved. This has far exceeded any savings I would have realized.

  16. Buy.com sucks bigtime. I applied for buy.com visa to get $30 off. The discount did not show in cart. Customer service email said I should have received a coupon code in email after card approval. I did not get get any email. Then they gave a link to coupon. $30 discount shows in cart but I can’t check out. I get “you are not eligible for this promotion” error. Now CS say that they are looking in to it. It’s two weeks and no response yet. I am never going to make a purchase from buy.com

  17. What happened to Punk Happened to me too. “you are not eligible for this promotion”. I was like a ball kicked back and forth between the general customer service dept. and the so-called credit card service dept. for 4 times and wasted me an hour. Nothing got resolved.

    The general customer service dept. seems located in India. They probably didn’t get enough training and didn’t know how to handle my situation. The credt card dept. people sound American and they are very rude.

  18. I made the mistake of ordering 2 items from Buy.com a few weeks ago. The items were sent in 2 seperate shipments for some reason; the 1st arrived within the time period promised but the 2nd never came in. After 14 days or so, I emailed the service department and got the automated response, but not the promised follow-up. I emailed again a few days later – 17 days after the package was supposed to be sent out – and finally received a response the next day asking me to give it a few more days.

    I contacted them again 21 days after the package was supposedly sent out, and was given 2 choices: request a replacement or ask for a refund. Since I had no confidence that a replacement would ever arrive, I asked for a refund. Despite their promise that my claim wuild be settled in 3-5 business days, I am now at business day #7 since my claim, and still no response. Will never ever use Buy.com again, and I am passing my story along to all acquaintances warning them against placing an order with this comapny.

  19. I ordered motherboards from buy.com twice and twice they sent me defective motherboards without a AGP slot!

  20. Nice to know I’m not the only dissatisfied buy.com excustomer. I recently found out about buy.com and was very happy about that. I made one purchase, which I decided to return for another product. When I was checking out, I became interested in taking advantage of the ‘Instant 30% off buy.com Visa offer, so I decided to take advantage of it. I have great credit, so I was expecting the ‘instant credit’. After finishing the app, the Visa ‘thank you’ screen said I’d be notified within 30 days of their decision. I emailed buy.com, asking where the instant credit was, they gave me the phone number of Visa customer service, who said I was approved and said they didn’t know anything about the offer. I called buy.com customer service, they said I needed to call the bank. I got very pissed and emailed them that their visa ad was misleading. they didn’t respond to anymore of my emails. then I asked them to remove my credit card info from their site, they still didn’t respond. I then emailed them saying they are a fraud and that I would contact my lawyer if they didn’t do as I requested. all of a sudden they responded to all of my emails and did remove all my credit info from my account. I never even gave them permission to retain the credit info anyway.

    Oh well, live and learn. I live in NYC, so I’ll stick with JR.com’s ny store or adorama!

  21. You guys must not know how to order stuff online nor have any common sense at all. Buy.com is the second best place to shop online so I don’t know what all you’ll are talking about! Newegg is the bomb and buy.com is right on their tales. I know it takes longer to get your stuff from buy but they still are the best as far as selection of computer stuff, and they are really reasonably priced as well. Everyone that has had customer service issues are all over exagerating and the guy that had the credit card not getting instant approval, let me guess, your credit score is 300! DAH, no wonder you didn’t get instant approval!

  22. If you see something “backordered” at Buy.com that usually translates to “we’re never every going to get it again, but we’re not going to tell you that until it becomes blatantly obvious”. I can’t even begin to tell you how many products are listed as “no longer available from the manufacturer” that I can probably get at Amazon, Newegg, or even Tiger Direct.

  23. When Buy.com substituted an item of lesser value for the same price without my authorization?and filled my order 3 days late, making matters worse?I will never again purchase anything from Buy.com.

    Apparently, the item advertised as “in stock” was not. So, rather than risk losing the sale altogether, they shipped the inferior item.

    Buy.com fooled me once. I will never give them the chance to do it again.

  24. I placed an order with Buy.com on June 22, 2006 when the camera was on sale and listed as “in stock”. I was so excited that I was able to snag this camera at such a great price! Two days later, the item was still “processing”. I went back to investigate the item and the site said that this camera was “not in stock”. Okay…well surely they had enough to fill my order since I had placed it two days prior and they had plenty of time to notify me that my item was “out of stock”. Nope. That meant my order too… I’ve sent email complaints because everytime I tried to call, I had to search for the one of the many “I HATE buy.com” sites (which I very regretfully did NOT investigate prior to making my purchase) dig out the customer service number because they don’t have it listed here on the site; which I cannot comprehend because they just transfer you to someone in India who doesn’t understand you anyway. On top of everything, they JUST sent me an email notification that the camera was “out of stock” a week ago!!! Today my order was finally canceled after putting the request 3 days ago. It is now July 21st, almost exactly a month since I placed the order. If they didn’t have it in stock for a month while I waited for it, I doubt that it will be in-stock for you now. Don’t order from Buy.com at all! Anything positive you read about them is stuff that their own staff puts on the message boards and they delete negative ratings from their sites….WORST…CUSTOMER SERVICE…EVER!!!

  25. Echoing sentiments heard here. the VISA offer is a crock – their promised 0% APR is fictitious. Moreover, my credit rating is excellent, and when I got the VIsa they had “graciously” given me a 24% interest rate. Unbelieavable. I had to call and negotiate 12% rate, and the 0% was simply unavailable. apparently you have to walk on water to “qualllify” for the 0% intro rate. btw – I had to go to Chase to do this, as others have ntoead above, there’s no talking to Buy.com….at least not without a fee.

    I’m staill waiting to use my other $15 “gift” credit, but I’ll have to be really desperate to use it.

    Be warned – they lie, and cheat you, without reservation.

  26. I thougth I was the only one…buy.com sucks. i ordered a camera on friday…and it took 5 days (including the weekend) for them to verify my credit card and by the time they did, they said the camera was sold out. This is the first and last time i’ll ever do business with them.

  27. Buy.com screwed me on a rebate even though my paperwork was correct. I keep excellent records and sent them proof that my paperwork was correct and that they were mistaken and they still would not honor their promises. I shop online a tremendous amount and have never had as much trouble as I have from buy.com. Foolishly a couple of years later I gave buy.com another chance and made a new order. They screwed it up and delivered it to the wrong address and will not issue a refund or credit. Screwed by buy.com twice is 2 times too many. Take my advice, save yourself a headache and money and never do business with them.

  28. Buy.Com does suck! If you need to call customer service (which I did) it is located in India because it is cheap. Cheap employees give terrible service to the customer. If I ever get the item I ordered it will be my last from Buy.Com. The couple of bucks I saved was not worth the frustration. I like New Egg much better. They know how to do it right.

  29. Well, count me in on the buy.com hate list. After spending 3 hours finding who I thought was the right person to talk to, I ended up in India without any hope of survival!!! My 3 flat screen monitors, which all noted on my account as being shipped 3 working days earlier, were no where to be found. They even gave me Fed Ex shipping numbers … but when I tracked the shipment I found that Fed Ex was called for the pickup, but nothing ever shipped. My India twinkie told me we’d have to place a claim that would take 5 days and we couldn’t reship because the claim needs to go first.

    How come “in stock” items just vanish and never ship? I have another “in stock” order that has been back ordered for almost a month. What are they thinking? And how come a California company uses India to solve problems? What are they thinking.

    Here’s the customer service number: 877-780-2464 (not that they will be of much help). But, it’s India, so stay on the line long and run up their bill. Maybe then they’ll listen and have normal people to help us.

    NEVER BUY FROM BUY.COM … they have moved into the “NO-BUY Zone” I know I’ll never contact them again.

  30. WOW! I though I was the only one who has encountered major problems from buy.com! I have experienced similar issues! The one that takes the cake is that I have not even received a card nor a statement for my purchase on their Visa card! I am spending time on hold as I am typing this to get a rep on the phone to get the info!

    I thought buying online is suppose to be “HASSLE FREE” and easy! Well I guess we know now that nothing is easy!

  31. Price on item changed 10% in less than 24 hours after order. They would not refund the difference or cancel the order. This company is very hard to deal with if somthing goes wrong with your order. I have had the wrong order shipped and orders damaged in shipment. I would only use this business as a last resort and pray that nothing gets screwed up.

  32. Buy.com shipped me a defective product! when I went to return it, i was told that i only have 14 days and that shipping time was counted towards my 14 days.

    Today is only the 13th business day and I called them to ask for a refund and they refused. Now I am stuck with a $130 POS.. i will NEVER do business with them again. I am in the process of dusputing this with my credit card company, maybe they can do something with this rotten company.

  33. i have no problem with buy,com. i understand all of you guys frustration. For $30 credit, you should see it on your credit card statement. but you need to remain open account for at least 6 months unless they took it away. I have a problem talkin with those freaking indian people with fake american name.

  34. On my third order from Buy.com, they asked me to provide photocopies of my drivers license and credit card, to verify my address. When I called them, and finally got an actual person on the phone, they told me that they wouldn’t release my order until I supplied the proper documentation. I cancelled my order, and have since deleted all record of their existence from my computer network.

  35. Buy.com is a joke! i have dealt with them for the past week and the just dont know what the hell there talking about. i ordered a laptop from them and then the next day when it was going through processing they cancled my order!!!! i reordered my laptop and then it was going through their verifications bullshit!!! the costumer service number 1800 number is a joke if u call and ask them a question that is a bit more complex they dont know what to say and they just repeat them selves! i asked to speak with a supervisor and i was hold and then they told me that i will be put on a call back service! i call back 2 hours later and say that i was waiting for the supervisor to call me back and they told me it could take up pto 24 hours to call back!! i dont understand that shit. that only mean that there is no supervisor there! overall i hate buy.com and the have delayed my laptop order with no sence of urgency!!!

  36. I ordered a laptop… it’s been stuck under “processing” for a week. Great!! I wish i read this page before i ordered. I have used them a few years ago and they were great..what happened!

  37. Oh, trust me, buy.com still sucks! You love them because of their low prices until the first time you need to return something… like a defective DVD that won’t play in your player… and then… forgit about it. You’ve lost your money.

    Dozens of letters… weeks of waiting… and nothing. Basically, ordering from buy.com is like playing Russian Rullette with your credit card. Perfect for a few orders… and then… you’re dead.

    You will lose in the long run with buy.com. And you will hate them one day. And then you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen. Pay the extra $2. Order from Amazon.com or any reputable dealer.

    Just because buy.com has TV ads doesn’t mean they are reputable… remember Jim & Tammy Faye had TV spots too… and W. Bush gets airtime… doesn’t make them honest.

  38. Buy.com is a very shady site. They advertised that they were interested in finding new sellers to sell products on their site in a marketplace fashion. We filled out their vendor application and sent the email to their site to make contact. Part of the application was what products do you have to offer buy.com. Our product was not being offered on Buy.com, but has been popular on other venues. A week later we get a canned automated email from them stating they are not taking new products for their catalog at this time. A month later I revisited the site. They were selling our product that they ordered through another distributer instead of us. This was after they did not bother to contact us in person and automated emailed us. If this is how they treat their prospective business partners I would hate to see how they treat their customers. Expect shady business practices from them and no gurantees.

  39. Buy.com is a very shady site. They advertised that they were interested in finding new sellers to sell products on their site in a marketplace fashion. We filled out their vendor application and sent the email to their site to make contact. Part of the application was what products do you have to offer buy.com. Our product was not being offered on Buy.com, but has been popular on other venues. A week later we get a canned automated email from them stating they are not taking new products for their catalog at this time. A month later I revisited the site. They were selling our product that they ordered through another distributer instead of us. This was after they did not bother to contact us in person and automated emailed us. If this is how they treat their prospective business partners I would hate to see how they treat their customers. Expect shady business practices from them and no gurantees.

  40. thank you all for letting me know that buy.com is a peice of shit i say we boy cott them and make them go out of business at least if they do we know its not americans going out of business i carless about those india people taking are jobs for less money fuck those people that do that shit

  41. This is a Fashist Company they belong in jail!!It has been a month since I returned the Item no refund no emails.I don’t know what to do.Anyone has any Information please post it on this web site!!Thank you

  42. buy.com offers THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE INDIA CAN PROVIDE. They are trained to DISAPPOINT, DECEIVE, DEFER, DELAY, and DEFLECT. DONT BUY from BUY.COM! Stay away from them. Once years ago they were a decent company, then they had all that trouble and revamped their way of doing things. Guess on eof the changes was to STOP PROVIDING quality customer service.

    I am looking for a good competitor. In any case, check out ripoffreport.com before you do any business with any online company!

  43. wish i would have read this before i ordered. i just ordered something and havent gotten a verification and mu account says i havent ordered anything yet. did i order it or not? i just emailed CS and have not heard anything yet its been hours since i ordered. WTF where is my order? according to the site i never ordered it. now im worried about my credit card getting charged and not getting the product i ordered.

  44. I ordered a ac adapter for my laptop. It worked for exactly 3 weeks- said it was brand new! I guess they don’t give a crap that I paid $16.00 for 3 weeks of use. I wrote a blistering letter- and then…nothing. Never again. I would think you can complain to the Better Business Bureau. Or their Attorney General’s Office.

  45. SOOO… I ordered some sunglasses form BUY.COM they where about $80 everywhere else and $75 on BUY.COM, so my savings was minimal. Unfortunately for me I ran into this website, I DON’T RECOMMEND them in any way I’ve been buying from ebay for the past ten years and from newegg,amazon, etc… lets just say I shop online at least once or twice a week I don’t like paying retail.

    Now let me say I received the item within 4 days of payment the incorrect item but the “USPS” did their job great and so did the shipper “Outfitter Country”, BUY.COM had the item listed as “WHITE Oakley Gascan 03-474” sunglasses I received “BLACK Oakley Gascan 03-473” so anyways I was told to contact the seller so I did and the seller stated that I ordered the wrong item so they sent me the correct item and I have to pay a restocking fee of 15% and eat the shipping charges and pay for reshipping.

    So now I have been dealing with BUY.COM and they are just a nice run around(I call and they tell me to give them more time) and to top it off I call two days later and get the same customer service rep LOL that tells me I am dealing with a tiny tiny company that probably wont last if we continue to let people know how they do business. SO PLEASE AND THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE MY DILEMMA .

    P.S. My situation is not yet resolved and it seems that I have to go buy the sunglasses somewhere else.

  46. I have only purchased one item from Buy.com. No problem doing that, but I have never been able to find anything else. There are items I know they have (from email ads, etc.) but cannot get to them through their horrible search. Can’t find what you want.

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