Scaling Your Interfaces

By Deane Barker on July 17, 2003

Interface Scalability A good article that speaks to basic usability. A lot of us develop applications within a facade of test data — meaning very limited amounts of data. Then, when the app hits the client, and they start pouring data into it, you find that interfaces that worked great when the system had 10 items work terribly with 10,000 items.

“Doing operations in bulk (like deleting content, moving it to a new section, or copying a website) is one of the biggest interface scalability pitfalls of CMS applications. Browsers are extremely limited in the interface controls available, and the basic browser-server web architecture presents some significant challenges in designing application flow models.”

Movable Type had interface elements built-in to handle this, thank goodness. Even in earlier releases, there was an admin search feature, a “power-edit” mode, and a mass delete function.