Blitz: The League

By Deane Barker on January 24, 2006

‘Blitz’ turns up violence in sports video games: Since Electronic Arts locked up the NFL with an exclusive licensing deal last year, other companies are now having to release unlicensed games. In doing this, they don’t have to abide by the restrictions that the license carried either.

In a gritty new video game about a fictional football league, players cripple their opponents, gamble and use performance-enhancing supplements. […]

The star of this title is New York Nightmare linebacker Quentin Sands, a fictional player voiced by former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

“[Blitz: The League],” which was released in October and has sold 350,000 units, fictionalizes real behavior that the NFL tries to downplay, such as off-the-field fights and wild parties.

Because this is just what Lawrence Taylor needed — an edgier reputation with a hint of scandal.



  1. Gotta love running down the field and taking my helmet off to crack it over the defender. Good stuff indeed.

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