New York Hack

By Deane Barker on January 23, 2006

New York Hack: Here’s a really interesting-looking blog written by a New York City cab driver. She writes like I imagine a NYC cabbie sounds like in real life:

It was another slow shift tonight. And though there weren’t many people taking cabs, there were more than enough a**hole drivers on the streets. Seen above is yet another Jersey f**k who doesn’t know how to drive. This guy decided that, rather than pulling off to the side, he needed to stop dead in the middle of Bleeker St to ask a parked cab driver for directions.

Found via this USA Today article.



  1. Interesting concept!!A writer,writing about her experences as a NYC cabbie.Sounds like a Internet soap opera.I wonder if it would evove into something more meaningful,(a novel,T.V. series,Movie?).

  2. my nephew just graduated from nyu….gratuate in journalism

    please charge him less…he’s looking 4 work as we speak

    good luck to you..make tons of money….

  3. My hats off to you, courageous service person to other humans needing a ride in the worlds most exciting place MANHATTAN New York. I hope and pray you thrive, keep safe as you venture into daily struggles in your chariot.



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