American Idol’s Domain Name

By Deane Barker on January 20, 2006

Does anyone else admit to watching American Idol? It’s like a trainwreck — I just can’t look away.

Anyway, this show has never had its “correct” domain name. Almost famously, the show has been at because someone must have snapped up ages ago, apparently. I looked at what was there last year, but I can’t remember now.

This year, they’re proudly advertising as their domain name, so they must have negotiated its purchase in the off season. Given the popularity of the show and the financial resources of the producers, I shudder to think how much they had to pay for the name.

Talk about holding all the cards — the guy with that domain name must have had a field day selling it.



  1. generic name that became a brand. i would guess this guy caught a 7 figure cash-out. my guess… $1M-$1.2M. too bad this was not public info.

  2. I wonder whats going to happen with , apparently the guy bought the name way before the show.

    i heard he got close to 2 million direct hits the first season.. apparently it even more than the NEtwork got at CTV.CA

    any news about CANADIANIDOL.COM ?

  3. I got a friend who works at CTV in canada, now Im willing to bet that the same will happen with the amount of traffic is probably astrosnomical. the price wont be quite as much but it will be 6 digits,
    a behind th scenes kind of deal… under the circumstances Freemantel would definetely agree to make an offer.. its now a monopoly.. it grew.. now they probably realise they better get all the domains… out of all, the registrant has the best chances beause of the DATES.. even more than the registrant. Thow apparently the registrant had used it first, but the site had nothing to do with the show… I say if they want it.. they should pay for it, fair and square.

  4. I’ve seen the opposition documents at the CIPO website ,

    Canadian Idol has been opposed as a trademark registration in Canada by WRIGHT ALTERNATIVE ADVERTISING INC.

    According to other documents we’ve seen , the registrant is in a very good position.. it originally registered at OPENSRS .. so netsols’ date is wrong.. besides, FremantleMedia North America Inc. has got other BRAND problems …. blogs .. etc .. they did not cover all their bases in canada… more than likely there will be some behind the scenes negotiating and buying going on this season so they can quietly clean things up..

    Henri Wattsman – Toronto location VJMOPP – North America

  5. at tonite’s episode….not only that Miss AVILA was the best performer, but for the first time in the Can Idol all these years I have been watching, finally here’s a contestant who knows how to dress up with great sense of fashion taste. She’s so chic, well accesorized, carried her red frock with elan……clean and looked expensive !!!

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