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By Deane Barker on January 18, 2006

Computer Geek / Nerd Quiz: I actually didn’t finish this quiz (I wasn’t doing well), but they’re not kidding when they claim it’s meant to separate the geeks from everyone else. Some questions:

  • ROT13 this: trrxfnerterng
  • What does this do: echo $dorks==$geeks?”yes”:”no”;
  • As of right now, how long have you been in front of this computer without getting up?
  • Identify what’s in the following picture (followed by a picture of what looks like the computer from Wargames — I actually got this one right)
  • Have you ever connected to the Internet with a modem with speeds of 1200baud or less?
  • What’s a baud anyway? (1) a bit per second, (2) carrier shift per second

This puts the Geek Test to shame.

Found via WWWGeek who lives up to his name with a 98 and the title of “Computer God.”

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  1. I scored 65.

    But I have to admit I used Wikipedia to find a couple of the answers. Does that count against me, or make me more of a geek? (or is there a difference?)

  2. Probably shouldn’t admit it, but I scored a 96 with no Googling. I think the fact that I just threw out a couple of old computers, and I have a hard bedtime of no later 2:30 AM hurt me.

  3. Much as being an umployed high school student hurt me and the fact that I had gone there immediately upon finding, which was immediately when I got on the computer because Gadgetopia is one of the first sites I go to.

  4. “My computer geek score is greater than 100% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!”

    Fruck me i did’nt google any thing out. 0_o this quiz is not real ?

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