XUL is good

By on January 17, 2006

In the comments on Deane’s latest bit of Spolsky-worship, I had postulated that, given the idea that thick clients for the web can provide a better experience, and Firefox’s increasing market share, 2006 could become the year of XUL.

There was a great link posted on digg this morning that illustrates this. Firefox users, check out MAB, a XUL-based Amazon search interface. (After you click through, click on the ‘launch’ link on the right).

There you have it. A thick client that runs on nearly any OS, and requires no installed components other than a Mozilla browser (and with Firefox’s popularity, that may already be there). What if, say, Basecamp worked this way? Or Flickr? I think we’re fast approaching the point where it would be commercially viable to at least create an alternate interface for a web app in XUL.

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  1. That’s wicked awesome. I really wish more apps (Basecamp, eZ publish, etc.) developed XUL interfaces.

    Someone should build a XUL template for Movable Type. If anyone out there knows of one, I’ll install it here.

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