Homemade Hovercraft

By Deane Barker on January 16, 2006

Awesome Homemade Hovercraft: These guys made a hovercraft out of a metal disc of some kind, a leaf blower, and a folding chair. It would be cooler if you could steer it.

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  1. I have a hover craft I just use two leave Blowers. the second one is on a pivit underneath the chair. It doesnt manuver so well but at least it turns. it looks almost like this one.

  2. The Discovery Channel’s show “Mythbusters” created a few of these. Aparently they worked well on flat concrete, not so well on rough terrain. One of their designs involved a surf board and a few leaf blowers.

  3. i have to agree with jim that thing does look very sad, me and my uncle made one and we are working on getting a patent on it and maybe selling afew, there was some major machining with weed wackers for steering and we used the largest leafblower we could find, it is very stable and it hovers about 2 inches off the ground, has a homemade fiberglass body, and even a built in gocart seat, i cant tell you anymore or else that would be letting out the secret, cost about 200$ to make and its able to steer and even do 360s on the spot! but once again that is no great acomplishmesnt the metal disk probly weighs alot and is flimsy, you would be better off with a giant peice of styrafoam instead considering its very lightweight and very stble, plus it wont bend up or anything if you hit it its very easy to make a hovercraft, everyone here should stop trying to ask how they made that one and go try to figure out your own, those guys probly went through that same process, but if you are goin to make your own, just make sure you have a good air seal, and that its balanced for the most part or you will just end up with a leafblower connected to some strange concoction that blows air :p

    happy crafting, Alex

  4. Stop messing with the toys. Check out a real overcraft under construction and go to http://www.hovercraft.com for plans on making a UH-10 that will work on land and water, uses a 10 hp lawn mower engine and does about 30 mph with one person. I made a UH-10 five years ago aand have now moved up to the larger one seen at my website. This one does 45 mph with two people, and about 38 mph with three people.

    Have Fun! and join the hover club of america at http://www.hoverclubofamerica.org

  5. Hey this is amazing i really like it. My teacher told me i have to join the science fare and i don’t know what to do, So i was thinking i could use this, Is that ok. i would really like it if you could post something to let me know if its ok with u. I would really like it if i could do it, and i would give u credit and give people your website so they could try it to. and i would tell people that i got it from u, i wouldn’t lie and say i did it or anything. Another reson you should let me do it is because i need to beat my brother, and he is really good with math and stuff, My teacher already said he would win, thats how good he is. Thank you so much and please let me do it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Do think it is posibble to make a minuture hovercraft? Where do they sell minature leaf blowers the size of a few cms???

  7. Why would they make a miniature leaf blower, miniature leaves? The smallest is probably a blowdryer.

  8. I think you hover craft is sweet I just made one Feb, 15 2007 and I CAN steer in its only made of plywood,plasticrape, scew,bike handles, and a cover from a icecream contaner. Burn Bitch

  9. i’m trying to use a raft with a giant fan under it. i want to be able to go at least 70ft in the air,go 20MPH, and carry at least 500lbs. i guess it wouldn’t be considered a “hovercraft” though, but then what would it be, i don’t think it would be a helicopter. i have my blue prints a laid out but i want to make sure it would work before i go and blow all this money, but then again i guess thats where ebay comes in. some one pleassssssssss respond if i can do this or not. or if i’m chasing a crazy dream.

  10. hey… i was thinkning about doing a hovercraft for a science fair… but they seem to much work and look like they need to much expensive supplies. how can i simplify it into something science fair size? pleeeaaasssee help i need some ideas and advice!!!!:-(

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