Vista Security Flaw Patched

By Deane Barker on January 16, 2006

Microsoft Ships First Vista Security Patches: I know it’s still in beta, but this can’t be good for a product that hasn’t even been released yet. At least they’re working the bugs out of the patching engine.

Microsoft Corp. has shipped the first critical security update for Windows Vista, the next version of its flagship operating system.

Over the weekend, the company released patches for beta testers running the Windows Vista December CTP (Community Technology Preview) and Windows Vista Beta 1, and warned that the new operating system was vulnerable to a remote code execution flaw in the Graphics Rendering Engine.



  1. Yeah, but it wasn’t a new vulnerability, it was just the same WMF vulnerability that was already present in current versions of Windows. I’d be more concerned if somebody discovered new vulnerabilities in Vista already.

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