The Business of a Shock Site

By Deane Barker on January 14, 2006

Shock and gore: This is an interesting article about one of the legendary shock sites on the Internet. I’ve never been to this one in particular, but I’ve seen others on occasion, and some of the stuff there makes want to be able to selectively delete parts of my memory.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes these sites go, this article is a good one.

Yet [the site owner] told me he does not enjoy looking at the ghoulish images on his site, and admitted that some visitors have a distasteful and morbid curiosity.

“Of course we get some sick-minded people who actually get off on ‘gore scenes’,” he said. “But the majority of people are just simple ordinary civilised human beings. We know for a fact that there are more people interested in this kind of material than most would think. Surprisingly, 30 per cent of our audience are females.”