PS3 Pricing

By Deane Barker on January 13, 2006

Developers, analyst predict $500 price tag for PlayStation 3: Some speculation here about where the PS3 will slot in terms of price. I personally think $500 is ridiculous for a video game machine, but it is packing some high-tech junk.

The strongest argument behind the $499 price point is the PS3’s inclusion of a Blu-Ray drive. This bleeding edge technology will give Sony (Research) significant bragging rights, but it comes at a cost. Pioneer last week at the Consumer Electronics Show unveiled a standalone Blu-Ray player for $1,800.



  1. I am getting tired of game consoles that “become” more than a game machine. If I wanted a machine to play games, movies, and brush my teeth I would buy a bookshelf PC.

    This is why I am a big fan of Nintendo. The GameCube did not follow the trend of all inclusive technology and is extremely enjoyable to play.

    My two cents.

  2. I am getting tired of game consoles that “become” more than a game machine.

    You’re very much on the outside of the industry. This is the big direction they keep pushing — the “home entertainment console,” as it were.

  3. As most should know, not alot of people can afford this that and the next thing, hence the all in one. You may not like it but why else do you think they do it? because it’s what the consumer wants and needs to cut down on unneccesary spending… think about that.

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