Nikon All But Abandons Film Cameras

By Deane Barker on January 12, 2006

Nikon Plans to Stop Making Most Cameras That Use Film : Look at that stat: film cameras are down to three percent of Nikon’s sales.

Nikon said it would halt production of all but two of its seven film cameras and would also stop making most lenses for those cameras. The company will halt production of the film camera models “one by one,” though it refused to specify when.

A company spokesman said Nikon made the decision because sales of film cameras have plunged. In the most recent fiscal year ended March 2005, Nikon said that film camera bodies accounted for 3 percent of the 180 billion yen ($1.5 billion) in sales at the company’s camera and imaging division. That is down from 16 percent the previous year.



  1. No huge surprise there; the real shock will happen when Kodak/Fuji/whomever announces that they’ll stop making film. The world will stop turning that day. (I use imagesetter film for production purposes, and with the rise in digital imaging solutions some manufacturers are already planning to phase-out film.)

    I’m still wondering what happened to the digital backs for existing cameras. I remember early on there was talk of add-ons for existing SLR cameras that would allow you to image on either film or a digital sensor. The concept was simple enough; replace the film with a CMOS sensor and let it capture whatever the lens handed it. I guess that concept either had some technological hurdles that were to difficult to jump or it would’ve eliminated a lot of potential sales for the camera manufacturers.

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