On the web, no one can hear you scream…Until now

By on January 11, 2006

Have you ever wanted to chat with other folks looking at the same web page you are? Now you can.

Chatsum is a Firefox extension that lets you chat and leave messages on any website for other Chatsum users to see and interact with.

The Chatsum sidebar houses a fully-fledged chatroom, specific to the page you’re looking at, and all the other users in the room are also viewing the same web page. When you navigate to a different page the Chatsum room changes automagically. If you open a page in a new tab, Chatsum will keep pace with whatever you’re viewing. There is the option to switch between a page level room and a site level room, and you can also see what rooms/pages are popular with other Chatsum users.

I haven’t installed it yet, but I will be. I wonder what kind of dynamic this could bring to Gadgetopia? Even better, what could it bring to sites that don’t have a comment section?

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  1. I have started using the Beta – Very cool app – Just not many users yet…but I bet gadgetopia can change that. Would be fun to chat with other gadgetopia users.

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