Yahoo Calendar Spamming

By Deane Barker on January 10, 2006

Get this for a new spam angle —

I had shared my Yahoo Calendar with my wife, so she could add events. Somehow I must have hosed it up, because some idiot has managed to add events to my calendar so that I’m amply remind that I need to join his Party Poker site every single day.

These aren’t on my calendar — I have the bonehead’s username and I’ve turned it into Yahoo. But I checked my settings again, and I only allowed “Trusted Friends” to view and add events to my calendar.

No idea how it happened, but it just proves that spammers are bleeping weasels.



  1. Took me 3 weeks of going to partypoker every morning at 9am before I noticed that someone had been messing with my calendar.

  2. My Yahoo calendar is filled with spam from Asian xxx. Everyday of my calendar is filled with a reminder from that site. I’m so afraid to click on them that I have not done yet. I wonder if I click on an spam even if I could get rid off it or not? Who the hell comes up with this genius idea to force spam in our calendars? What do they get out of it? No one that I know of will follow thru with these spams and actually purchase something!!!! This is a ridiculous action and needs to be stopped by some government agency! Where is the internet police???? Having their donut break?

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