We’ve Joined 9 Rules

By Deane Barker on January 9, 2006

9rules Network: Weblog: We joined the 9 Rules network, and we got a nice write-up from them today. Very cool.

Gadgetopia has been around since I can remember and I only remember that far back because I used their design to help inspire my tastes. Basically it’s what I should’ve made Forever Geek, but just didn’t have the talent that these folks have. It’s not easy updating a site daily and maintaining a high-level of quality content, but they have been pulling it off for a long time now and I don’t see them stopping any time soon.

I would venture a guess that we’re the ugliest site in the 9 Rules network. I hope that’s a reflection of the strength of our content, and not their taste.



  1. Layout’s not so bad Deane, and welcome to the network!

    If you jump into the 9rules forums I bet you could find yourself a redesign from a great designer & member on the cheap. We’ve got 18 year old members that put even the most well-respected designers to shame, so hit ’em up while they’re young and inexperienced!! ;)

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