Wrightspeed EV

By on January 6, 2006

Take one Ariel Atom, pull the lame GM Ecotec 4-banger out and replace it with an AC-150 Drivetrain from AC Propulsion (you remember them; they make the T-Zero) and what do you get? 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds and a ride that shows you what it must feel like to ride in a slot car.

There’s a movie of a test ride in it at revver.com. It’s just a proof of concept prototype at this point, but limited production seems like a distinct possibility.

via Jalopnik once again. Those guys have been busy.

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  1. The Atom 2 doesn’t us a GM Ecotec 4, it uses a Honda 4 that puts out 220 bhp as stated on their website. The Ecotec 4 could never hope to come close to the Honda 4 in anyway.

  2. Check the edition of Autoweek that was released this week….there is now a version of the atom being built in the USA by brammo motorsports. This US version does, indeed, have an ecotec powerplant

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