Theft at Microsoft

By Deane Barker on July 16, 2003

Microsoft ex-staffer pleads guilty to theft: Another guy has just been indicted for stealing $17 million worth.

“Kori Robin Brown, 31, a former administrative assistant at the company’s Xbox video console and games division, ordered more than $6 million worth of Microsoft’s SQL Server database software and sold it for personal gain between 1998 and 2000…”

I went to visit my Dad in Seatlle years ago and we wandered around the Microsoft Campus. They have a software store in the middle of it where you could buy any Microsoft product for $15 with an employee ID. Any product. The shelves were lined with everything from Visual Basic (4.0 back then), Windows 98, Cinemania (I loved this product), Monster Truck Madness, etc. Just shelves and shelves of it, all with little $15 stickers on them.



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