How to Make Fake Software Boxes

By Deane Barker on January 2, 2006

Box Art: You know all those pictures of boxed software from companies that don’t sell anything but downloads? No surprise — the boxes never existed.

Sometimes you need to create a 3D software box, hardcover book, or other box-like object in a pinch. It could be done the long way by using a 3D program, or you could even take a digital photo of the real item. However, a fairly good result can be achieved with nothing more than a 2D image of the cover of the box and Photoshop.

People just feel better seeing a box. They feel like they’re getting something more.



  1. For a professional result, I would rather use Illustrator as the results are much better. Distorted images tend to blur in Photoshop and you can easily find free, ready-to-use box model scripts for AI on the web. If you don’t have vector images, AI CS2 can vectorize them for you, otherwise the extra bit of work is certainly worth the result. Plus they’ll come in handy if you plan on making a printed ad of the software.

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