Every OS Sucks

By on January 2, 2006

Here’s a hilarious modern-day balad from DeadTroll.com about the state of computer operating systems.

There’s something for everybody in this song; it me laugh out loud a couple of times (much to my embarassment, as I sit here at work, almost alone.) This stanza was particularly funny to me:

Now there’s Linux, or Lynux, or I dunno how to say it,
Or how you install it or how you use it or play it
Or where you download it or what programs run,
But Linux or Linux don’t look like much fun.
However you say it it’s gettin’ great press,
Though how it survives is anyone’s guess.
But if you ask me it’s a great big mess for elitist dirty schmucks.
“It’s free!” they say, if you can get it to run.
The geeks say “That’s half the fun!”
Yeah, well I’ve got a girlfriend and things to get done.
The Linux OS sucks! I’m sorry to say it but it does.
It sucks. I’m sorry.

Every OS wastes your time, from the desktop to the lap.
Everything since the abacus is just a bunch of crap.
From Microsoft to Macintosh to Lin-Ly-Lin-Ly-nux
Every computer crashes,
‘Cause every OS sucks. Every OS sucks.