Big Fix Duct Tape

By on December 30, 2005

A new issue of my favorite magazine — This Old House — showed up in my mailbox today, and among the many great articles was a blurb about something that’ll make Red Green do a double-take; a roll of duct tape that’s a full 12 inches wide.

Tyco Adhesives is now producing Big Fix duct tape for those repairs that a puny 2” wide roll just can’t handle. And I’m sure that in time it’ll be used for a lot more than just repairs; it ought to add at least a couple of chapters to what’s already been written about the many uses of duct tape.

One drawback is the cost; at $25 for a 30-foot roll (includes a paper release liner to make it easier to apply, and a handy cutting tool), I don’t know that we’ll be seeing it used as far & wide as the narrower version, at least not until the idea catches on (if it catches on) and the price drops a bit.

Like Red says, if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.



  1. Hey, it appears you accidentally put a space in one of your entity codes there… “& mdash;”. Just letting you know and stuff… so yeah.

  2. Actually, $25 doesn’t sound unreasonable, given that it’s 6 times wider than a standard roll AND uses release paper instead of the traditional peel-and-stick adhesive.

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