By Deane Barker on December 28, 2005

MyBlogLog: This is a service that will track what links your users click on, so you know where they go when they click away from your site. More importantly, it should show you what visitors to your site are interested in enough to click on.

Our Outgoing Link Tracking shows you which links on your site are most compelling to your readers, enabling you to tune your content and keep readers coming back. Our Real-Time Referrer service keeps track of who’s linking to your site and gives you that information now, not tomorrow.

I would like to do this. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy cliche, I really am interested in what you guys want to read and I’d like to give you more of what you want. (I have some other ideas here too, that we’ll explore in the next few weeks.)

Does anyone have any objections to me installing this service? Go to the site, read what they have to say, drop a comment. Thanks.



  1. Looks cool to me… btw, I use Flashblock extension so it’s unlikely I’ll be following any Flash ad links

  2. MyBlogLog is a fantastic service which I couldn’t be happier with. I check it multiple times a day. It does help me see where visitors come from and what interests them most because of clicks. It has archiving, referrer logs, search refer logs, and some other extras. I personally feel it is by far the best outgoing link tracking service out there. MyBlogLog free is decent, but really MyBlogLog Pro at $25 a year is well worth the money and I’m surprised it only costs that much.

    It’s helped me spot what my visitors like to view, what links they click more (links with images, view more links, logos, etc.), and also helps you find out your popular entries and search engine refers.

    Sorry if I sounded like an advertisement, but I honestly like it that much :)

    Oh, and if you were wondering, it doesn’t seem to mess around with any other statistical tracking services (ie: Mint, MeasureMap, etc.)

  3. The only objection I would have is that link redirection kills any sort of search engine optimization value your out going links have.

  4. link redirection kills any sort of search engine optimization value your out going links have.

    It depends on how they do it. If they capture an onclick event and redirect from that, then the HTML stays intact, and spiders parsing it will handle it normally.

  5. Yep, that is how it works. It does not disrupt any HTML at all and will process only when you actually click on the link. To see for yourself, you can go to a site in Firefox that uses the service, select text with an outgoing link, and then right click and view selection source. Selection source shows HTML rendered after the initial buffer. Meaning that even if Javascript was to change HTML after page load, it will show the new HTML. When doing this with MyBlogLog, you will see that non of the links are changed in any way and just the Javascript include is needed.

  6. I would install it. It is useful. It is not, however free. Also, it is now owned by Yahoo. I have an aversion to Yahoo as a company because whenever I’ve needed them do “do the right thing” they did the wrong thing. My life is better when I don’t do Yahoo.

    The free version of MyBlogLog keeps you one day out of date on your data, which is not bad. The “Recent Rreaders” widgit thingie from MyBlogLog is cool .

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