World’s Tallest Buildings

By Deane Barker on December 27, 2005

World’s tallest structures: Great Wikipedia listing of the world’s tallest buildings. It includes these complicated points of debate about what constitues a contender for the title.

Tall-structure enthusiasts debate:

  • whether guy-wire-supported structures should be eligible to be counted
  • whether only habitable height counts and if so;
  • whether observation galleries on communication towers make them into habitable buildings
  • whether roof-top antennas can be counted towards height of buildings (the debate over this has especially focused on the fact that things that look like spires can be either classified as an antenna or an “architectural detail”)
  • whether structures currently under construction can be included in the list
  • whether structures rising out of water should have their below-water height included.

If you count anything, then an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico wins by a considerable margin, at over 3,000 feet.



  1. cool, different catagories. again, wiki ftw! but I think that I won’t be impressed by tall buildings again until they break the 1000 metre mark. Now Thats tall.

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