Joseph Scott and

By Deane Barker on December 27, 2005

Joseph Scott’s Blog — Rhyll: Joseph Scott releases a domain to host his projects, and starts off with a free SMS app. He’s a bright guy — look for coolness here.

In the last year though I’ve been looking to host a domain where I could pull together various little ideas and projects in a focused way. Having some time off during the holidays, I figured it was time to start getting this project off the ground.

The home for these projects is To start things off I’ve made available one service, text messaging, which allows you to send free text messages as long as you know the phone number and service provider for the mobile device your are sending the message to.

Joe and I plan to release Blend Labs sometime, which is kind of along the same lines. Soon, I hope, since we have a bunch of GPL stuff we need to get released.