CSS3 Column Support

By Deane Barker on December 27, 2005

CSS3 module: Multi-column layout: CSS3 has great column support, it looks like. Consider these rules:

  • column-width
  • column-count
  • columns
  • column-gap
  • column-rule-color
  • column-rule-style’
  • column-rule-width
  • column-rule

The coolness of this requires me to end this post only one way: IE sucks. To the IE team — congratulations on getting to CSS2 compliance with IE7. Way to go. Thanks for making all of our lives harder.

Via Patrick Joh.



  1. 1 reason I hate IE right there: CSS support and the lack thereof.

    Okay, so I’m making a website for a local landscaping company. Nothing too fancy, maybe two hundred lines or so of CSS. But to make it look right in IE I have to add invalid CSS, thereby ruining validation and whatnot. And then it won’t recognize perfectly good CSS. It makes little kids cry.

  2. Microsoft apparently considers CSS a “flawed standard,” and therefore justifies their lack of support. Funny how many great Web sites get built with such a flawed standard.

  3. Isn’t everything a “flawed standard” to Microsoft unless they set it? Because, last I checked, they don’t follow pretty much any standards without some changes to make it “theirs”. If it weren’t for the fact that 85% of the people use IE, I would be a bad boy and not add IE support to the websites I do. Meh, when I do my own websites, I’ll go in with a mindset that’s more or less “I don’t care if IE works”, but when it’s other peoples’ sites, I just can’t do that.

  4. If every single webdesigner descided to follow the standards and only that. No IE, Safari or whatsoever friendly code.

    Then there would be major browser updates within a few weeks.

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