Does Microsoft suck more than we give it credit for?

By Deane Barker on December 26, 2005

Is Microsoft Still a Monopoly?: Here’s a really interesting article postulating that Microsoft, well, sucks. Well, maybe not that harshly, but the article argues that Microsoft isn’t a monopoly anymore, and goes on to point out many areas where Microsoft isn’t even close to the top of the game.

But in many other areas, including Web servers and supercomputing, Microsoft is just one player among many, and often a weak player at that. On the gaming side, despite the latest xBox getting all kinds of media buzz as “the” console to buy, Sony’s Playstation outsells the xBox at least two to one, and many analysts expect Sony to widen that gap even more when Playstation 3 comes out in the Spring of 2006. On the Internet, MSN and MSN Search are so far behind AOL and Google that it isn’t funny.

It’s pretty convincing. I’m now convinced more than ever that Microsoft sucks. (Sorry, that was cheap.)

I’ve said this before, however, and I’ll say it again: as Google and Apple start to dominate their chosen areas more and more, they will become the new evil. Microsoft will become one head of a hydra of companies people enjoy calling “evil.” They will need to share the top of the crapheap pretty soon.



  1. You seem to be under the false impression that people don’t have good reasons for hating Microsoft.

    Oh no, I’m fully aware there are good reasons for hating the Beast from Redmond. Hell, I’ve just spent seven hours on a holiday wrestling with ASP.Net. That’s all the reason I need right there.

  2. I don’t think that Google is predestined to become another evil empire a la Microsoft simply because they are big / successful / wealthy. There are plenty of examples across all industries of successful companies that are evil and those that aren’t (well, as non-evil as a modern corporation can be, but that’s another discussion…). I think one of the primary factors is the coporate culture instilled by the founder(s). Bill founded Microsoft with the goal of owning virtually every aspect of the software industry from top to bottom, regardless of who got crushed along the way. Google has been founded on very different principles from the beginning (“Don’t be evil,” the Google Foundation, etc.) Companies can and do change over time, but I have my fingers crossed that Google can continue to thrive AND stick to their founders’ stated principles.

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